Author: Loretta Harrison

The mental health benefits of sport

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Physical exercise makes our bodies fitter. Lifting weights will strengthen muscles while cardio exercise will help our heart but what can exercise do for our mental health and brain power? Improves your mood After exercising, your body produces endorphins that will improve your mood. Physical exercise gives us a sense of satisfaction and gives players […]

The wonders of tea


Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Brewed for thousands of years, it’s said to have a lot of benefits to your health. Maybe next time when you’re in your local coffee shop, you’ll have a second thought and instead of ordering your usual coffee, you’ll pick one of the many […]

Social media and mental health


Social media has done a lot of positive things for the world. Facebook has been behind some of the most notable uprisings of the 21st century, the platform to organise several rallies across the Arab world to overthrow years of dictatorships. Twitter and Facebook campaigns have raised awareness throughout the world from those suffering with […]

Skin care under the sun

skin care

Every year around 4 million US citizens are diagnosed with skin cancer. Of these, 3,000 lose their life because of the illness.  If that’s not enough, one in five Americans will develop melanoma by the time they are 70 while more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined. None of us […]

Hay fever hacks


It’s summer and while most of us are looking forward to the good weather and everything that comes with it, others are dreading it. The watery eyes, the constant sneezing and the itchy nostrils are all symptoms of hay fever, the dreaded summer condition, and can ruin the warm weather for you. What can we […]

Doctors and their specialities

Doctor speciality

For those of us with friends in the medical profession or even friends that are much smarter than you, you may find yourself in conversation when a medical department or speciality is mentioned. You know you’ve heard about it before but you’re not exactly sure what they cover. You look around the room and nobody […]

Cures for cold sores or oral herpes

Cold sore

50 to 80 percent of the US population are said to suffer from oral herpes. If you find yourself in this category, follow the tips below to decrease the chance of these sores appearing on your face. Lysine A supplement to take when affected with this herpes complex, lysine can help prevent initial growth of […]

Buying health insurance


For most countries in the OECD, healthcare is free provided by the government. While citizens also have the choice to go private. In the US, no such choice is given. Healthcare is private and it’s not cheap. Choosing your preferred insurance package is a big deal not to be taken lightly, so what should you […]

Avoiding back pain

back pain

Back pain is a leading cause of visits to the doctor, just second behind, visits for upper respiratory conditions. 80 percent of us will complain about back pain during our lifetime while 50 percent claim to have back pain at least once a year. In total, Americans are said to spend around $50 billion on […]