50 to 80 percent of the US population are said to suffer from oral herpes. If you find yourself in this category, follow the tips below to decrease the chance of these sores appearing on your face.


A supplement to take when affected with this herpes complex, lysine can help prevent initial growth of a cold sore as well as further development once the cold sore appears. It will also help decrease the amount of time the cold sore spends on your face looking out at everyone you talk to.

In the prevention stages, take one every day, especially when under a greater amount of stress or, for females, when you are on your period.

If you feel one growing, this supplement is great as you can increase the dosage four fold and not have to worry about a supplement overdose. This preventative measure will prevent the virus from spreading and encourages healing.

Cold sore patches

When the cold sore makes an initial appearance, no matter how small or visible, race to the bathroom and take out your cold sore patches hidden in storage. Place them over the cold sore, and they will smother the virus and prevent it from growing and spreading. They can also prevent blistering, which prolong the healing process. If the patches match the color of your skin, those talking to you might not even notice the virus growing on your lip.

Anti-viral cream

If you don’t have cold sore patches or lysine, and the cold sore is slowly growing, anti-viral cream is the best solution. Cover the affected area as soon as you feel a tingle and reapply as the day goes on and as often as needed.


Watch what you’re eating, the food you’re putting into your body could be encouraging growth of this nasty virus. When a cold sore appears, avoid foods high arginine such as oats, chocolates, nuts and green leafy vegetables (the includes spinach for all the vegans out there). On the other hand, you should eat foods high in lysine including yogurt, cheese, fruit and fish.

Sun protection

Not everyone is aware that your lips burn even though they are such a sensitive area, especially for those prone to cold sores. If you happen to be in that group and you liking sunning yourself at the beach, ensure you cover your lips with lip balm containing SPF.