It’s summer and while most of us are looking forward to the good weather and everything that comes with it, others are dreading it. The watery eyes, the constant sneezing and the itchy nostrils are all symptoms of hay fever, the dreaded summer condition, and can ruin the warm weather for you. What can we do to try preventing this?


If you have the symptoms of hay fever, antihistamines will get rid of them within hours. Reducing the problems associated with rhinitis and allergic reactions, antihistamines can stop nasal congestion, sneezing or hives.

Vitamin C

Some studies show that vitamin C can also act as an antihistamine, while at the same time boosting your immune system. If sneezing all night has you feeling tired and drained the next day, be sure to take some vitamin C supplements, or else feast on oranges and other fruits rich in vitamin C.

Protect your eyes

When constantly sneezing and dealing with allergens in the air, your eyes can begin to get itchy, sore or start to water. Soaking clean towels and placing over your eyes can reduce the itchiness while eye drops will also be effective in removing the unwanted symptoms.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated seems to be the cure to any illness so how does it work to protect you from hay fever symptoms? Drinking water will keep you hydrated but can also help clear your nasal passage. Histamine production can go into overdrive when dehydrated, so drinking plenty of water will keep these at bay and give you a detox.


Grass and other plants can trigger symptoms in hay fever sufferers as they release allergens. It’s difficult to avoid allergens like these but staying away from areas with freshly cut grass can help as can avoiding parks or fields where there will be plenty to keep you sneezing for hours.

Medical procedure

Not many sufferers know this, but there is a medical procedure which can stop you suffering from hay fever each year. Working a bit like a flu shot, a small dose of the substance causing the allergic reaction is injected into your bloodstream. Gradually, your body becomes used to this and your hay fever worries will be a thing of the past.

Hay fever can ruin your summer so although extreme, a medical procedure could be the way to go to avoid days of constant sneezing and coughing.