It is one thing to own leather furniture because of the luxury and respect it commands. However, maintenance is another aspect of owning furniture that people shy away from. Another reason why they are ranked high on the “must-have” list of most people is that they are classy, and their styles are timeless.

As you can imagine, looking timeless and Chic aren’t the only factors to consider when buying leather furniture.

If you have already purchased your furniture are not sure how to clean and maintain them, not to worry because we will give you pointers on how to go about it.

Leather furniture should be considered an investment

Before we share tips on maintaining your leather furniture, let’s quickly mention that you must consider the furniture as an investment and not just another piece of household item.

Unless you adopt this mentality, the chances are that you may not pay attention and would most likely be interested in maintaining your leather furniture.

It’s no longer news that leather furniture are durable, and because of the cost and quality of the material used, it’s understandable why people get excited and look forward to welcoming this elegant piece into your home.

To keep your furniture in good condition for a very long time, you need to make efforts towards maintaining — and thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning supplies. All you need is the knowledge of what to do when they get stained and the best approach at different times.

How to clean up a spill on your leather sofa

As we mentioned earlier, leather is more durable when compared to other upholstery materials. However, leather is still vulnerable to spills. People accidentally spill liquid on their leather furniture or drop food on it.

In such situations, you need to react fast by cleaning the affected areas to reduce the chance of the furniture getting marked.

How to tackle stains on your leather

Leather furniture

While stains are unpleasant and an eyesore, it can sometimes be difficult to reach them in good time to salvage the damage. Sometimes, you may not know that your furniture is stained, only to find out much later.

How to remove ink stains

In the event that your furniture gets stained by ink and you couldn’t get to it on time, dash to your neighborhood store and inquire about the right kind of dissolver or cleaning agent for your furniture.

If you bought the furniture from a professional dealer, there is a high possibility that they will have a website where you can find answers to how you can deal with ink stains. If you can’t find answers in their website FAQ section, you should reach out to them via email, social media channels or phone call.

Alternatively, you can search for professional furniture cleaners in your area. That way, you can get them to come over within a short time to take care of the situation. Considering that they are professionals, they would have the expertise and supplies needed to deep clean the sofa.

  • Removing grease or oil stains

You should always have it at the back of your mind that both grease and oil stains can be made worse by applying water.

Adding water will make these types of stains difficult and troublesome stains, thereby making the stain hard to remove.

There are effective treatments for tackling oil and grease stains, and using water is not one of them. To be on the safe side, engage the services of a professional cleaner or reach out to the customer support of your dealer.

  • Removing wine stains

What is a party without wine? While wines are essential for virtually all parties, one can not be too careful with wine spillage.

One way to tackle wine stains is to prevent them from setting in. How do you do that?

Start by blotting out the excess stain with a clean cloth. When you’re satisfied with the amount you have taken out, proceed to mix water and mild soap solution. Use a soft sponge to apply the foam on the affected area and dab with another cloth until the area is dried. If the stain is still visible after this, consult with a professional cleaner and let them use their expertise to handle the situation.