Growing up can be difficult for every kid, but some have more difficulty than others. If your kid is having trouble with day-to-day routines at home or school, they could perhaps benefit from seeing an NDIS therapist near you.

If your kid is facing challenges that don’t seem to be a problem for normally developing kids, it can be a sign that they need occupational therapy for children in Sydney. Occupational therapists, or OT’s, are specifically trained in how to identify common problems that certain kids face and help to overcome them or mitigate their negative impact.

Let’s take a look at the most common signs that your kid could benefit from occupational therapy for children in Sydney.

They have a significant developmental delay

A developmental delay is the term used to explain when a kid falls behind in learning common skills that they should have otherwise developed at that stage in their life. While some kids are simply late bloomers, a significant delay may suggest they need professional occupational therapy for children in Sydney.

Some examples of significant developmental delays are:

  • Not having reached milestones in development such as crawling or walking
  • Being unable to participate in education appropriate to their age level
  • Having not developed social and play skills common amongst other kids their age

Developmental delay in fine motor skills

When we talk about fine motor skills, we are referring to the minute and intricate movements involved with a kid’s hands, feet, lips, tongues, wrists and more. If they struggle to hold a small object or cannot use an eating utensil at the appropriate age, it may be a sign that they need occupational therapy for children in Sydney.

Some examples of issues with fine motor skills are:

  • Struggle to manipulate toys
  • Cannot properly use writing instruments at the appropriate age
  • Cannot properly use clothing items like zippers, buttons or shoelaces
  • Has trouble drawing shapes with straight lines
  • Actively avoids activities that require find motor skills

Developmental delay in gross motor skills

Unlike fine motor skills, gross motor skills refer to far less intricate yet still equally important movements. They use larger muscle groups that fine motor skills and are responsible for many aspects of early development in kids, like walking, running and playing.

If your kid is struggling with gross motor development it may be a sign that they can significantly benefit from occupational therapy for children in Sydney.

Some examples of delays in gross motor skills development are:

  • Cannot navigate staircases at the appropriate age
  • Is unable to coordinate both sides of their body at once
  • Does not yet understand concepts of direction such as right and left
  • Has poor balance
  • Are afraid of jumping or their feet leaving the ground in any way
  • Their muscle tone and tension is too high or too low for their age level

Developmental delay in visual processing

Visual processing refers to the way in which a kid begins to comprehend the world around them based on visual stimuli, which sends signals to the brain. If your kid has trouble interpreting symbology and perceptions of the world, they may need occupational therapy for children in Sydney to overcome this issue.

Some examples of visual processing delays are:

  • Has trouble with size and spacing of letters and numbers
  • Has trouble reading/recognising words and letters
  • Has trouble with copying letters or shapes
  • Has trouble identifying specific objects in amongst other objects
  • Has poor hand-eye coordination or depth perception


These are just a few of the areas in which a kid might have developmental issues and any concerned parents should seek the help of a medical professional to get a second opinion. If they do indeed have real developmental delays then occupational therapy for children in Sydney can be one of the best treatments for kids struggling with these issues.