Have you looked for a cost-friendly, award-winning, and affordable solar inverter? Then there is simply only one choice. And that has to be the Sunny Boy inverter by SMA.

Let’s face it, if you haven’t at least once looked at your home or business power bill and thought you could do better things with your hard-earned money, well then you aren’t too bright!

Solar energy is not only environmentally smart, but if you’ve got enough sense to care about all those dollars you are spending at home or at your business on unnecessary and avoidable energy costs, then this SMA sunny boy inverter is for you.

Sunny Boy inverters by SMA are leaders in the solar inverter industry and here are five reasons why-

Renowned quality

SMA has long been a leader in the solar industry, and for good reason. Their products, including the SMA Sunny Boy Solar Inverter, are manufactured by global market leaders but are readily available here for an incredibly competitive price.

Value for money

Like all SMA products, they are not only of the highest quality, but they represent excellent value for money.

SMA are constantly refining their products to utilize the latest in solar technology in order to bring it to you for an affordable price.

This means you get the ease of installation and operation, higher yields from your solar system, an industry-leading warranty, and unparalleled after-sales care.

And what does that spell out? Value for your solar dollar.


By using the latest in solar inverter technology, the SMA Sunny Boy Inverter is without rival when it comes to installation and user-friendliness.

App connectivity through your smartphone provides you with all the information you need to help you navigate through using your smart and affordable solar inverter as well as troubleshoot with ease even if you are a first-time solar invertor owner.

And even if there is an issue you can’t resolve yourself, fear not, help is at hand in your local area.

Friendly and easily contactable after-sales service

Technician cleaning an SMA sunny boy inverter

SMA has a strong local presence and is affiliated with a wide range of fully certified solar inverter installers who are amongst the most respected professionals within the solar industry and are assured to be ready and available in your local area to attend to your needs in the unlikely event you require after-sales care.

This is unlikely, given SMA Sunny Boy Solar Inverters are manufactured to the highest standard and are considered the most reliable in the solar industry.

But if all else fails, or you still have doubts, then fear not, because the SMA Sunny Boy Inverter comes with a warranty that is simply unmatched by any other range of solar invertors that you may require for your home or business.


If only the weather was a reliable as SMA’s after-sales service, product quality and not to mention their renowned life of the warranty.

Solar inverters are a big investment for any home or business and the reason you invest in a product like the SMA Sunny Boy inverter is that you are looking to save money.

So there can be no greater peace of mind than knowing that you have made a sound investment that comes with an industry-leading length of warranty and that you won’t be burdened by additional overhead costs for repairs and maintenance to your cost-saving solar energy system.

You can invest with confidence in an SMA Solar Inverter, and you will be smiling all the way to the bank!