Physical exercise makes our bodies fitter. Lifting weights will strengthen muscles while cardio exercise will help our heart but what can exercise do for our mental health and brain power?

Improves your mood

After exercising, your body produces endorphins that will improve your mood. Physical exercise gives us a sense of satisfaction and gives players a chance to unwind. While giving them a chance to connect in a social setting, it can allow players to feel more connected to those around them, giving them a sense of belonging.

Improves concentration

Exercise can help develop our mental skills, our powers of critical thinking and aid concentration. Playing sport is said to prevent development of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and attention deficit disorder.


It makes sense, playing sports will make you tired. The more tired you are the longer you’ll sleep. So, if you want a deeper sleep and to feel more rested, then do a bit more exercise during the day. But not too close to bedtime, then you’ll still feel energized from exercise and struggle to nod off.

Reduces stress

No matter what has been bothering you for the day, your stress will vanish immediately. The concentration you’ll need to play the sport will take up all your thoughts and have you feeling de-stressed if only for the couple of hours that you play.

Improves confidence

If you’ve ever scored the winning goal, you’ll know the feeling. For the few hours after the game, you relive everything about the goal as well as taking in the congratulations from your teammates and everyone else associated with the team. It’s a great feeling and if that doesn’t improve your confidence, nothing will. Playing a sport regularly will give you that feeling and improve your confidence in no time.

Develops traits

Studies have shown that through participating in sport, players can develop different traits that will help them in their social life. For example, people who play sport can develop leadership qualities and are more inclined to be a team player in the workplace.

Next time you are feeling a bit down, lethargic or stressed from your job, maybe the best thing could be to go out and play a team sport with your friends or work colleagues. Playing sport on a continuous basis will improve a lot of aspects of your life that you never imagined.