Bongs and the Australian summer go hand in hand like… well, bongs and the Australian summer.

Nothing beats sitting down at the end of a long hot day and enjoying the delights of your favourite smoking piece.

The beauty of bongs Australia are that they can be designed and crafted to be as unique and creative as their owners.

Here we are going to look at the top five bongs in Australia you should consider for your collection to add that little something extra to your hot summer days.

The Double Percolator-

Also known as Double Bubblers, these bongs in Australia produce one of the smoothest and fattest hits of any product that is on the market.

With two in-built percolators it delivers a mega purified hit to the smoker as clean, cool and cough free as you could ever possibly imagine.

As a rule, they come in a more compact shape than the older style double chamber pipe of which they take their inspiration making them a convenient, hand-held and fun way to obtain a thoroughly enjoyable smoking experience.

The Twister-

Generally found based around the traditional form of a round base or beaker, these are anything but traditional in design.

The Twister, perhaps more than any other bong in Australia, lends itself to showing the creative flare and individuality of its user.

Twister type products can come with long and totally warped stems or can be screwed down into neat but funky looking compact designs.

Throw in tints or coloured designs and you will have the ultimate talking point for your summer sessions.


Bongs Australia

Let’s face it, some of those summer sessions can get a little messy after a long day in the Australian heat.

A Pyrex gives you all the visuals of a traditional glass product, but with the added bonus of extreme durability, yet still at an affordable cost.

So whether your product takes a spill off the side of the barbeque or takes a tumble off the outdoor dining table, you can rest assured you will still be able to smoke away those long hot summer days with a Pyrex.


Pottery with ceramics has literally been around for centuries and it is one of the simplest yet most withstanding ways to display one’s individuality.

Ceramic bongs in Australia are infinitely customizable and can be regularly found in everything from classic death head skulls right through to the latest wave of crazy cartoon characters.

They are affordable, machine washable just like a coffee mug or breakfast bowl, and produce an ultra-cool smoke as good, or some say better, than any other bong design in Australia.


Are you not a regular smoker, or perhaps you just want something that can be passed around amongst friends and you don’t really care what happens to it at the end of the night or the next morning?

Whilst not favoured by the purest, acrylic bongs in Australia are a cheap smoking solution and they can be found in a range of bright colours and patterns.

Whilst not as durable as your other bong types in Australia, they are great for first time smokers or for party fun and are a low cost, low stress solution to accommodate everyone’s smoking needs.

Consider them like a spare tyre, or handy all rounder you have in the middle order!

These are just a sample of some of the bongs in Australia you might want to consider for your collection, or perhaps as a gift for your smoking friends, to help get you all through that long and hot summer.