For thousands of years, everybody ate meat. People were content with their high protein and vegetable-based diet. Then one day, at one specific time in one specific place, veganism was born. At the time, the founder hardly knew, but it would grow to be more and more popular as the years went on, developing cult-like status throughout the world.

Veganism is a way of living whereby a person seeks to exclude any form of exploitation of animals from their lives, for the most part this includes eating meat, eating the products of animals such as eggs and milk as well as wearing products that are produced from animal skin such as fur or leather. Vegans are animal lovers and don’t want them to be harmed, especially not for the enjoyment of their meat.

It is a noble cause and one that has reached prominence in society today mostly in part due to the developing stereotype of a vegan; a know-it-all who is always at pains to tell you that they live a vegan lifestyle and why they do it. But why do they do it? Below are some of the health benefits of living a vegan life.


Several studies show that your body will take in more nutrients when not eating meat. Most vegans find different sources of protein and these foods invariably contain other nutrients which can help benefit your body. Vegans have diets that are higher in Vitamin E which can help your skin and eyes and can prevent degenerative disease when older.

Saturated fats

Vegans are less likely to suffer from a heart attack or other diseases related to saturated fats. They also are less likely to develop diseases brought on by western diets such as hypertension or diabetes.

Feel-good factor

No longer are animals dying because of what you want to eat or what you want to wear. This will make a vegan feel better about themselves and how they are saving the environment one vegetable at a time.


Having a vegan diet can significantly lower estrogen levels, which can decrease the chances of breast cancer. While, animals that are bred for human consumption can sometimes be given hormones to grow quicker. These animals, when consumed by humans, can disrupt the natural number of hormones and are found to increase the chances of tumors growing.

Becoming a vegan is a life choice and from the evidence above, a healthy one at that.