The more modern medicine advances, the greater the capacity we have to understand what matters most with our own bodies. This is no more evident than the issue of the body’s musculoskeletal structure where the back and spine happens to play a pivotal role as to how we end up healing ourselves naturally.


Should there be pain, discomfort or a need to realign the body, we seek the healing power of a Norwest chiropractor to achieve health and fitness once more.


If you live in or around the Norwest region of Sydney, from the Baulkham Hills to Glenwood, Kings Langley, Stanhope Gardens, Bella Vista, Castle Hill or beyond – there will be a multitude of names and brands that will broadcast themselves as a leading practitioner.


We will examine here what an experienced and credentialed operator can do for you.

Functional Assessment


Before the Norwest chiropractor in question begins their healing and rehabilitation of the patient, they will need to undergo a functional assessment of the individual. Analysing and identifying the manner of the injury is paramount to starting the healing as they will see if there are issues are the disc, if the pain ventures to the spine and the lower back and even beyond. Here will be the basis in which they can begin a program of returning the patient back to full fitness.

Headaches and Vertigo


What has become more evident down the years as modern medicine has progressed is the link between back and spine health and the connection to the brain. Headaches and vertigo are common issues that an experienced Norwest chiropractor will have encountered over time and understanding this link will ensure that the problem area can be addressed. A comprehensive scan will pinpoint exactly what has to be addressed by the team of professionals.



Standing and sitting upright all has to do with people’s posture. How we perform these subtle tasks on a day-to-day basis goes a long way to determining if we need to book an appointment with a Norwest chiropractor as they guide the patient through techniques and practices that will help them in the future. Utilising a more comfortable chair or a bed with stronger foundations can make all the difference and this advice is what separates the good operators from the great ones who understand that the subtleties matter in the long-term.

Sports Injuries


The regions of Baulkham Hills and the North West of the city are littered with sporting programs, events and competitions. This places a Norwest chiropractor in a specialised position whereby footballers, swimmers, cricketers, tennis players and all types of amateur and professional athletes are seeking direct treatment for common and rare forms of healing.



The final practice that an experienced Norwest chiropractor will perform is the rehabilitation process. After the muscles have been given a work over and the fixing has taken place, the vital next step is to phase the individual back to full fitness. This will take a number of weeks depending on the circumstances of the ailment as a program and schedule is formulated to ease the patient back to health.



Finding a Norwest chiropractor you can trust is not a simple task. This is a part of the city that is littered with specialists who all preach similar messages. One of the factors that should emerge in your decision to making an appointment with a Norwest chiropractor is the nature of your injury, your age and what type of rehabilitation process you are seeking. Only then can you deduce the specific practice that suits your individual needs and circumstances.