Reproduction is, if nothing else, the closest thing we have to an answer when we ask what the meaning of life is. It’s the most natural human behaviour and is instinctual to both men and women, explaining why we seek romantic relationships.

However with modern contraceptives and changing societal expectations, having children is much more of an option than it has ever been. Young married couples are no longer pressured to start their own families and people who do choose to have children are tending to have them later in life.

With that said having children is still a hugely rewarding part of the human experience but is still a big decision many couples struggle with. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider the following points on why it’s beneficial to hold off on having kids until you’re a little older.

You’ll be more prepared for the financial burden

Every parent will tell you that having kids puts a huge hole in their wallet. While the cost of caring for children shouldn’t discourage you, it might be prudent to wait until later in life when you are more financially grounded and have greater job security.

It’s a good idea to pay off any debts you can and consolidate your career. Many people can continue working where they would otherwise halt their careers to raise children and this means both husband and wife will be bringing in money for longer.

You’ll get to enjoy your independence more

While it’s a tough pill to swallow, the truth is that many people regret having children in their early 20’s as they don’t get to enjoy their young life once they have kids to take care of. Children are a full-time responsibility and you can say goodbye to partying until your kids grow old enough to take care of themselves.

Don’t rush into having children just because you got married, enjoy being an adult and hold off on starting a family until you feel you’re ready.

You’ll have more experience

Waiting until you’re older to have children means you’ll be more prepared for the challenges of raising them not only financially but emotionally as well. As a more mature adult you can be a better parent and educate your children about the world much more authoritatively.