Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Brewed for thousands of years, it’s said to have a lot of benefits to your health. Maybe next time when you’re in your local coffee shop, you’ll have a second thought and instead of ordering your usual coffee, you’ll pick one of the many teas on the menu. All teas provide three main benefits:


All teas contain antioxidants which are beneficial to your health. Antioxidants do as you’d think they do, they stop cells oxidizing in our body. But why is this a good thing? When cells oxidize they can become damaged. Antioxidants stop this damage and promote healthier cells which leave are body healthier and can even slow down the aging process.


Some people can’t function without their coffee in the morning or, so they say, and this is all down to caffeine. Tea contains a lot less caffeine than a cup of coffee so you’ll feel yourself being less jittery while finding it easier to sleep at night. Caffeine has also been found to cause long-term damage to some of your organs, so this is another reason to steer clear.


Drinking cups of tea can keep you hydrated. You’re basically just drinking water anyway but with some added flavor. Hydration can improve concentration, contribute to clearer skin and make you less likely to snack, aiding weight loss.

There are over 1,500 types of tea worldwide but just four main categories; black, green, white and oolong. Aside from the benefits above, many teas are also supposed to have restorative properties for different parts of your body.

  • Some teas are found to have fluoride in them. This can contribute to stronger, as well as whiter teeth. While also making your breath smell that little bit better.
  • In a study of tea drinkers versus non-tea drinkers, the tea drinkers were found to have stronger bones, therefore less likely to suffer for arthritis when they are older.
  • Your immune system can be positively affected by drinking tea too. Drinkers can feel protected against the flu and other communicable diseases, as their immune systems have been found to be five times stronger than that of a coffee drinker.

Coffee is undoubtedly the favorite hot drink throughout the world. A generation of Starbucks lovers and hipsters have made sure of that but for the more health-conscious among us tea should be the drink to choose.